Roof Restoration: What’s the Process of Restoring Your Roof?


A roof restoration is a process in which the entire roof is inspected, and any necessary repairs are done to restore it to its original condition. This is a multi-step process that a professional roofing contractor completes.

You should spend money on a roof restoration every 10 to 15 years to maintain your roof waterproof and protect the rest of your house.

This article will help you understand the roof restoration process so you can confidently speak with a roof specialist and know what is included in the quote you receive.

Initial Examination

If you’ve noticed a few leaks inside your home or even some cracked cement, it’s time to evaluate your roof! Your roof will be inspected by a knowledgeable service member who will come by. 

Choose A Colour

We always provide our clients with various colour options early in the restoration process. This will allow you time to decide while also giving us time to order the materials. Roofing companies can advise you on colours that might look lovely in your home, or they  can leave it up to you! 

The colour doesn’t need to be chosen just now because clients can also order and pick up the paint the day before the specialists begin painting.

Replacing Broken Tiles

Up on the roof, it’s best to remove and fix any damaged tiles that can leak if the high-pressure cleaning method is used for roofing restoration. For clients on a tighter budget, the roof restoration company can transfer broken tiles to the gutter line as an option. Nearly always, we can find identical tiles to replace the damaged ones.

Roof Repairs 

We may now begin the repairs! This will include correcting skylights, replacing worn-out valley irons, and inspecting and repairing all flashings. This work is consistently covered during the inspection stage and throughout the estimate to ensure the client is completely informed of the work’s scope.

Bedding and Flexible Pointing

Most frequently, the old mortar and cement work have to be removed. After this is completed and dried, we apply our flexible pointing to all ridge cappings and gable tiles.

Painting Process

Now that the roof is prepared for painting, we will use the chosen paint method to cover it. Generally, we will apply our four-coat method using your desired colour.

Final Inspection 

After finishing the work on your roof, roof restoration in Brisbane will inspect the entire property and clean up any garbage and waste. With this, the professional can complete the assignment with confidence that the customer will be entirely satisfied.


Roof restoration in Brisbane is an essential service for homeowners looking to improve the condition of their roofs. It involves cleaning and treating the roof surface, replacing broken tiles, repairing damaged sections, re-sealing all joints, and applying a protective coating. In addition, it can also include replacing gutters, downpipes, and ridge caps. 

With quality roof restoration, homeowners can extend the life of their roof, improve its appearance, and save on energy bills. A professional roofer or roof restoration company in Brisbane should always be consulted to ensure the job is done right. 

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