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Home Roof Restorations offers professional roof re-pointing services. Our team of workers are fully qualified and do a good job every time. We are proud of our quality of work and making sure our customers are happy with our roofing jobs.

Home Roof Restorations, Residential Roof Restoration, Home Roofing Brisbane, Roof Restorations Queensland

Why would you Need Roof Re-pointing?

Pointing is a layer of material that is placed over the roof bedding. It keeps the roof tiles and ridge capping in place. Pointing also helps to keep dust and water out of your roof cavity. With changing weather conditions, the pointing material expands and contracts making it perfect for Brisbane weather.

However, unpainted pointing in Brisbane weather means that it needs to be regularly maintained to stay in good condition. If it is not properly maintained, older pointing can crack and cause damage to your home, creating leaks in the roof. That is why it’s important for every homeowner to hire a reputable Roofing compnay  to carry out re-pointing on their roof at least once every seven to ten years.

Ensure the Safety and Increase the Value of Your Home

Roof re-pointing is a roof repair combined with roof cleaning, which can make your home look amazing. Your roof is an important part of your home and you should regularly maintain it to improve the value of your property. The latest pointing materials will also make your home safer by making it more waterproof. Pointing is available in different colours so you can select the best possible match for the colour of your roof tiles.

Let the Professionals
Handle It

It is best to hire a professional to do roof re-pointing. Make sure that they are licensed and qualified. Do you know how often your roof should be repointed? How about signs that there might be damage? Or what causes damage in the first place? Following we will answer these questions and give a quick overview guide of the repointing process.

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How Often Should A Roof Be Repointed?

Roof repointing is an average maintenance that should be done every seven to ten years. Damage to your roof can be caused by many things, such as natural wear and tear, harsh Brisbane weather conditions, or animals/wildlife.

How To Know If Your Roof Needs Repointing?

You may be able to visibly see loose tiles, broken cracked ridge tiles. You may also notice issues such roof leaks and water damage to your ceiling or walls. It’s important to get things fixed as soon as possible before a little problem becomes a huge problem.

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Repointing Process

Roof bedding and repointing can help to protect your home against water damage, flooding and mould. We have a thorough and in-depth repointing process we like to follow to ensure the best possible result for your roof. Our process is so fool proof that we’ve never been beaten by a leak!

Our team of fully qualified professionals have extensive experience having worked in the roofing industry for 10 plus years. Combined with our specialisation of roof restorations, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone else as skilled or knowledgeable as us.

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