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Welcome to Home Roof Restorations! We are a roof painting company based in Brisbane with years of top-quality experience. Our team has experience repairing and painting both residential and commercial roofs. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our work, and competitive rates that always leave our customers satisfied!

Did you know that the quality of your roof painting service depends on the type of paint used?

Roof Painting Brisbane

Home Roof Restorations only uses high-quality paints to ensure our customers are satisfied because we understand how important your home is to you. Not only will it be protected from all weather elements, but it will look fantastic too!

We are experts in the roof painting industry using only the best products on market today which will last 12-20 years without peeling or fading away from sunlight exposure over time as well as providing a 12 or 20 year product warranty for your roof. Our quality paints can match any colour you wish for or require, providing the best quality finish possible at such affordable prices!

We offer roof painting services that will make your roof look brand new again. Our exceptional roof painters have years of experience under their belts and always use the best materials available to get outstanding results every time!

Our roofing experts will fully inspect your roof and determine what repairs are needed to get it back into top shape. By giving you as much information about your home’s needs, we hope to instil the understanding of why maintenance or repairs are mandatory. We also want to be clear about our game plan for restoring your roof. We strive to provide our customers with enough information so they can make decisions about what needs to be done and how much it will cost them.

Roof Painting Brisbane


Roof Inspections Brisbane


Home Roof Restorations knows that keeping up with your roof is important to the function and value of your home.


When we first assess your roof, we check for unsealed edges where sheets overlap, as well as any damaged screws or rusted areas.

Metal Roof Painting Brisbane
Tile Roof Painting Brisbane


Furthermore, we will inspect your roof for any cracked or damaged ridge caps, blocked weep holes, broken tiles, and other forms of damage.


Roof Cleaning Brisbane
Roof Cleaning Brisbane



Roof Repairs Brisbane
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For every roof type, we use the best primers on the market, Using highest-quality primers to ensure a powerful bond for any roof restoration project. The most common primers include:

A sticky clear coat that adheres to all metal roof substrates.

This product offers the best rust-prevention for rusty metal roofs by creating a barrier between the roof and the roof membrane.

A roof tile primer that can serve multiple purposes and be used on most tiled roofs, including pre-painted rooftops.

a primer that provides a high build for the 12 year warranty membrane, giving your roof more protection against porous roof tiles.

This is the perfect tile roof primer for achieving a strong bond and long-lasting durability. It's made with a special blend of solids and styrene acrylic, designed specifically for use with our 20 year roof membrane product.

Roof Painting Brisbane


To finish, our team coats the roof with two layers of roof membrane to give you complete protection and durability. We have finally completed roof restoration! Now, you can rest assured knowing that it will protect against any and all types of weather. We at Home Roof Restorations can also help you choose from a wide range of colors. We have three types of membrane to choose from:

Roof Protect 12 Year Warranty Coating

Roof Painting Brisbane
Roof Painting Brisbane

Roof Protect 20 Year Warranty Coating

Roof Protect Thermal Heat Reflective Coating

Heat Reflective Roof Painting Brisbane

Home Warranty Insurance & Warranty

After we finish the job, we’ll send you your QBCC Home Warranty Insurance and Product Warranty.

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