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When it comes to roof gutters, there are many commonly accepted misconceptions that can lead to incorrect assumptions and decisions. You can hear a lot of conflicting information if you wish to get your roof or gutters restored. While some tales may be real, there are widespread misconceptions about roof gutters.

From the longevity of gutter systems to their effectiveness in protecting homes from water damage, understanding the truth behind these misconceptions is essential to making the right decisions for your home. 

These typical myths about roof gutters are dispelled.

Gutter Myth #1: Gutter Installation on a Roof Is Simple

Gutter installation on roofs is allegedly simple. But if you aren’t an expert with power tools, don’t even consider it. The proper amount of brackets must also be taken into account; otherwise, the gutters risk sagging. 

Also, gutters must be installed at a specific angle for water to drain to the downpipes.

Gutter Myth #2: There Is No Need for a Gutter Guard

The idea that gutter guards are not necessary is another one that is pervasive. Roof gutters must be cleaned on a regular basis, ideally by trained specialists, to prevent ladder accidents. 

Long-term costs will result from such. To cut down on the time needed to clean the gutters, it is more practical to include a gutter guard. To ensure appropriate fit and functionality, it would be even better to install a new gutter and gutter guard at the same time.

Gutter Myth #3: The Timing of Roof Gutter Cleaning Is Irrelevant

Homeowners tend to believe that cleaning their gutters in the spring or the fall is sufficient, regardless of the timing. However, it is important since cleaning them at the start of spring, when the weather is expected to be kinder, allows one to assess how well they fared through the winter.

It is advised to wait until the leaves have fallen before cleaning the roof gutters in the fall. Homeowners now have the option to get rid of all the leaves that can cause their gutters to clog and break.

Gutter Myth #4: You May Clean Gutters with a Pressure Washer

Using a power washer or leaf blower to clean out gutters can result in an additional mess and long-term damage. This is because they not only blow leaves around the yard that make a tremendous mess but also drive most of the leaves and dirt directly into the downpipes, increasing blockage. 

Make sure to initially enquire about the equipment and technologies they will employ. The majority of professional gutter cleaning businesses still use them.

Gutter Myth #5: The Resulting Water Damage Will Be Covered by Insurance

Many people believe that insurance companies would cover any water damage to a home. But if they claim that the damage was caused by a clogged or unclean gutter, it’s likely that they won’t recieve any compensation 

By hiring professionals to clean the gutters regularly, you can safeguard yourself from unpleasant surprises like these.

Gutter Myth #6: Gutter Maintenance Has No Impact on the Condition of the Roof

Roofing and gutters complement one another and, as a result, affect the other’s performance. During the gutter’s direct precipitation to the ground and away from the house, the roof acts as a barrier to keep the house dry when it rains. 

Without gutters, one can experience more serious roof issues that could harm even the house’s foundation.


By understanding the truth behind these misconceptions, you can make more informed decisions when it comes to your home’s gutter system. Remember, proper installation and maintenance are essential for keeping your gutters functioning properly and protecting your home.

Home Roof Restorations is always ready to assist you with gutter cleaning and painting! We’re experts in the roof restoration and roof painting industry who offer the most durable paints and coatings for your home. 

We can have your roof looking brand new again in no time with the latest technology and products to ensure that your roof is restored. Contact us today to enjoy our exceptional service!


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